Nieuwe Bios voor de MINIX NEO Z83-4

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Nieuwe Bios voor de MINIX NEO Z83-4

MINIX NEO Z83-4 BIOS update V1.6. Lees hier meer...

Download met via onderstaande link de nieuwe Bios V1.6 voor de MINIX NEO Z83-4:

Wat is er veranderd?
Change log since V1.4 BIOS:
1.) Updated Intel TXE firmware;
2.) Modified audio codec source code for Windows 10 OS;
3.) Disabled UEFI PXE boot option (since PXE boot doesn't support booting from eMMC storage);
4.) Enabled TPM 2.0 support;
5.) Improved CPU performances;

Update procedures:
1.) Download the V1.6 BIOS zip package
2.) Extract this package to your Windows' local storage, e.g. Desktop
3.) Run the "update.bat" by double-clicking it
4.) Choose "Yes" to proceed when Windows prompts for your administrative rights
5.) Patiently wait for the update to complete, DO NOT disconnect the power source during the process or the BIOS will be corrupted!
6.) Restart the system to take effect, please notice that the system will restart for several times before re-entering the OS.



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