Pepper Jobs W10 GYRO 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control Air Mouse voor Windows 10 mini PC / MINIX

Pepper Jobs - W10 GYRO Remote
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Product description

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  • Article number:Pepper Jobs - W10 GYRO Remote
W10 GYRO redefines the way that you control your Win10 based HTPC.
W10 GYRO is the world's 1st and only 6-axis gyro air mouse designed specifically for the Windows 10 system.
All shortcut buttons and hotkeys are fully optimized for Windows 10. Utilizing 2.4GHz wireless technology with an USB receiver, W10 GYRO can be operated without any need for manual driver installation. Simply plug in the bundled USB receiver to your Windows 10 based PC, and you are all set and ready to enjoy the amazing control experience from your sofa. 
W10 GYRO is equipped with backlit LED which means you don't have to worry about not seeing the keys while using in the dark. The operating distance of W10 GYRO is up to 10 meters from your computer.
In addition, W10 GYRO comes with the TV remote learning features on the front side, you may let this smart remote learn up to 34 keys from your TV IR remote!
Feature Highlights:
  • The world's 1st and only 6-axis gyro air mouse designed for Win10 OS
  • Low operating power, operated by 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • All shortcut buttons and hotkeys are fully optimized for Win10
  • Double-sided backlit LED keyboard, favorable for using in dark
  • Plug and play, operating distance up to 10 meters
  • Full QWERTY keyboard for your ease of inputs
  • IR learning: this remote can learn up to 34 keys from your TV IR remote


RTech Posted on July 17, 2018 10:33

Excellent gyro remote. The gyro lets you move the mouse pointer on windows just by moving the remote around. One of the best features is that whatever side is up becomes active. That means when you are using the keyboard it becomes lighted and the buttons on the bottom are turned off. Flip it over and the other keys light up and the keyboard is paused so you don't accidentally press a button on the bottom. The signal is very steady and I tested it from over 20 feet away and it worked well. Its smaller than I thought. I'd say about the same size as a standard TV remote which is the perfect size. Over all one of the best gyro remotes I've ever used.

Olivia Posted on July 17, 2018 10:32

I own quite a few HTPC remotes and this is the one I use most often because of the following reasons: 1. it's a combination of air mouse and mini keyboard. One side of the remote has all the multimedia & hotkey controls when I'm using it as air mouse while the other side is a Full QWERTY keyboard. 2. The keyboard includes symbols shortcuts, which makes it easy to type complicate password. 3. The remote has back-lit support, making it easy to use in the dark (when I'm watching movie). I have been using it on my Windows 10 HTPC as well as my Windows 7/XP laptops and it functions without a problem on all of them. No extra driver is required and it's true Plug and Play.

The design of this remote is pretty unique, especially the choice of hotkeys. This remote comes with "close application" hotkey (Alt+F4) which is very convenient. Search, Task switcher, Windows 10 notification panel support are also there. Moreover, this remote does "WAKE UP" my windows 10 from S3/S4 sleep status.

Yasmine Posted on July 17, 2018 10:31

I got this air mouse to use for my desktop streaming needs. The design is nice and the buttons are backlit. I use my laptop on a TV and the convenience of being able to sit and still be able to control your computer wirelessly is what this device offers.

It works great and locks the gyro sensors whenever you flip the device to type. It has tons of shortcuts, and a very clear and concise instructions manual. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the remote.

The only criticism is that it doesn't come with AAA batteries and that it's not rechargeable via Micro USB or USB C. Using seperate batteries today is not really convenient

But all in all, I recommend this for those who stream off their PC or for Android tv box users

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