MINIX NEO Z83-4 V2 Windows 10 PRO Quad Core Mini PC 32GB/4GB incl. VESA Mount

MINIX Z83 WIN Pro + Vesa Mount
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Ultra-compact desktop PC

The NEO Z83-4 Pro mini-PC fanless reinterprets the desktop PC, delivering an unmatched combination of ultra-compact design and premium performance - ideal for work, play and entertainment. Equipped with Intel's Cherry Trail Quad-Core processor, the NEO Z83-4 Pro packs all its power and performance into a size that fits onto your palm.



Excellent cooling concept

The innovative, passive cooling concept of the NEO Z83-4 Pro achieves the perfect balance between speed, temperature and performance with absolutely silent operation. Equipped without any moving parts, the NEO Z83-4 Pro smoothly handles even the most demanding tasks without the slightest noise at incredibly low operating temperature. In addition, the NEO Z83-4 Pro is incredibly energy-efficient and requires approximately 80% less energy than conventional desktop PCs.

Desktop Performance

Thanks to its 32GB Samsung eMMC (MLC) memory, the NEO Z83-4 Pro provides a lightning-fast and highly dynamic user experience, delivering the high-end performance that the MINIX users have come to appreciate. In addition, the NEO Z83-4 Pro, Bluetooth 4.2, HDMI, Mini DisplayPort, USB 3.0 and with 802.11ac dual-band WLAN and Gigabit Ethernet offers significantly improved connectivity options compared to its predecessor NEO Z64-W.




Multipurpose PC

With its two display ports (Mini DP and HDMI), the NEO Z83-4 Pro is a true thin client solution with the combination of its amazingly fast startup, seamless web browsing, multi-tasking, and compatibility with a wide range of productive offices Software. In addition, the NEO Z83-4 Pro gives your living room an exquisite visual movie experience, making it the perfect home theater PC (support up to 4K @ 30fps).

Unpack and unload

With 32GB eMMC (5.0) built-in memory, 4GB DDR3L memory and preinstalled Windows 10 Professional (64-bit), the NEO Z83-4 Pro is ready to start immediately after unpacking.

MINIX NEO Z83-4 PRO Windows 10


VESA Mount

The NEO Z83-4 Pro is supplied with the custom MINIX M-83 VESA mount for easy mounting on the back of the monitor or TV set.

For digital signage solutions, the NEO Z83-4 provides the option to enable Auto-Power-On in the BIOS. When using this feature, the "Fast Startup" option should be disabled in the system settings, more in the forum:




MINIX NEO Z83-4 Pro with Windows 10 (64-bit) Professional Edition
• VESA bracket M-83 for attachment to the back of monitor or TV
• HDMI cable
• EU power supply 12V (3A)
• Installation instructions (English)

Download link OS


Jace Posted on April 3, 2018 16:39

Ik kreeg dit om voor mijn weerstation en om mijn NVR-software 24/7 te gebruiken. Mijn doel was om deze van mijn hoofdcomputer te halen en op een energiezuiniger mini pc te plaatsen, terwijl ik slijtage van mijn hoofdcomputer kon besparen. Tot nu toe ben ik erg blij met deze kleine mini pc. Het behandelt mijn behoeften zonder problemen. Er is weinig opslag aan boord, maar dat kan worden opgelost met externe of netwerkopslag. Ik zou dit voor iedereen met soortgelijke behoeften aanraden.

C. Kerr
C. Kerr Posted on April 3, 2018 16:35

This was a rewarding shopping experience. I'm happy with the MINIX; it's compact and well-designed. Its initial performance was peppy, and I expect it to stay that way with the kind of use it's going to get. Amazon was impressively, intelligently useful in specifying the purchase. After searching for "mini-PC" I drilled down into Amazon's filters to consider alternatives. I did this over the course of seven days, taking time to compare comparably priced, refurbished desktops with way-stronger specs. The MINIX Setup was easy for the right reasons, and hard for the right reasons. I didn't have an HDMI-compatible monitor or USB keyboard handy, so I borrowed them to start out with. Power-up and sign-in went briefly and agreeably. Five stars!

Skidtech Posted on April 3, 2018 16:34

Hooked this up to a large conference room tv we use a monitor. Works well and very small to hide. Nice that it came with Windows 10 Pro and mounting options. We ended up using Gorilla Tape for the mounting enclosure and slipped the mini pc in like normal. Not extremely powerful but gets the job done for Power point presentations, word documents, viewing Pdf's and pictures. We don't use it for much else, but for simple stuff and the price of this thing we were very happy.

JimC Posted on April 3, 2018 16:34

I bought this to replace a WIN XP machine running MACH3 for a CNC router. Mach3 communicates with the CNC via parallel (printer) port. I had heard about problems with "work around" devices being difficult to configure. THIS IS THE EASIEST COMPUTER I HAVE EVER SETUP!!!! Turned it on and Win 10 started, installed SSD on USB, Installed software from web, plugged in UC100 (parallel port device) and was on line working!!

Second monitor plugged in and worked, no config!

JP te A.
JP te A. Posted on April 3, 2018 16:33

Een uitstekende mini-pc met hoge prestaties. Het kan eenvoudig een 4K-monitor besturen. We gebruiken er twee voor digitale fotolijsten waar we netwerkafbeeldingen en videoclips tonen in een continue diavoorstelling. Ze zijn geruisloos en zijn vrijwel onzichtbaar, ofwel achter de monitor (VESA) of direct eronder op een standaard. Er zijn meerdere hoogwaardige video-aansluitingen beschikbaar en er zijn tal van USB-poorten. Enigszins lastig om te updaten om de W10 fall creator's update (1709) te winnen om te voorkomen dat er tijdens de installatie onvoldoende ruimte is. Het gebruik van een externe USB-flashdrive loste het probleem op.

Lianne Posted on April 3, 2018 16:31

Ik moet toegeven dat ik aanvankelijk sceptisch was. Ik bedoel, wat voor een computer krijg je voor €239,95 ... echt! Blijkbaar kun je een geweldige voor krijgen! Ik ben geslaagd van "skeptic" tot "Huge Fan" van de MINIX NEO Z 83-4 Pro. Mijn bestelling arriveerde op tijd, ik had het uit de doos, zette het op met twee monitoren, laadde mijn software op en draaide in minder dan 15 minuten. SUPER Simpel! SUPER Small en SUPER Krachtig. Ik gebruik het al enkele dagen intensief en ik kan niet gelukkiger zijn. Ik ben nog steeds verbluft over hoe klein dit ding is. Het is een desktop-pc ter grootte van een sandwich. Ik heb het aan een paar van mijn vrienden gedemonstreerd en ze hebben ze al besteld. LOVE IT!

De Vries
De Vries Posted on April 3, 2018 16:29

Vanaf het moment dat ik de tape van de doos doorknipte totdat ik "aan de slag" kon was minder dan 15 minuten. Hij wordt geleverd met een HDMI-kabel en de VESA houder om hem aan de achterkant van uw monitor te bevestigen. De snelheid is vergelijkbaar met mijn Surface. Ik had een back-up gemaakt van mijn oude pc op een 64 Gb-stick en ik heb hem op deze nieuwe pc achtergelaten als een andere schijf. De video is geweldig en het geluid is goed. Over geluid gesproken, het is bijna griezelig hoe stil mijn kantoor nu is zonder een luidruchtige toren-pc te zoemen. Als je al een desktop-setup hebt (monitor, toetsenbord / muis), is dit een geruststelling als je een typische thuiskantoorgebruiker bent die een pc-upgrade overweegt.

Matt H.
Matt H. Posted on April 3, 2018 16:26

Using it as a HTPC (home theater PC). Along with an air mouse/remote, works beautifully. Runs Kodi, Netflix, Hulu, VLC Media Player perfectly. Also have a hard drive connected to it with movies and other media.

There is one CON, and that's the amount of internal storage space: 32 GB. It's not really enough to have anything installed, and be able to update Windows. This can be alleviated by:

1.) Uninstall any program or app (especially Windows bloat like Office 365) that isn't needed or used. Once done, there was enough space to update Windows.

2.) Install Windows to an external hard drive.

3.) Employ an SD card, external hard drive, or USB thumb drive to install any app or program to, so as to leave as much of the 32 GB internal storage that is left over to be available for updates.

There are ways around the limited internal storage issue. But it's not enough to remove a star. The device works perfectly for what it is. This company has excellent customer support, as well as great communication on their forums. They also have many other devices which include upgradeable hard drives if more internal storage is needed.

Robert Posted on April 3, 2018 16:25

I bought this for my daughter when she started 6th grade. I love the fact that it has Windows 10 64 Pro, which made it easy to connect to my home network. I took this out of the box, hooked it up to an old screen, set up the wireless keyboard and mouse, connected it to the home network, downloaded an open source office suite, and voilà, she had a fully functioning desktop for school for under €250. As a business owner (law firm), I can really see the brilliance in this sort of device. The storage wouldn't be enough to run my office. However, it would work just fine as a workstation with network access to the main hard drive. For a small business, you could set up a high capacity desktop computer and then get a few of these, tied into the main hard drive on the network, and save yourself a bundle in computer costs over time. These beat laptops hands down because you can use screens and keyboards you already have lying around - very cheap. Mostly we are using computers for actual work - office software, etc... We are not playing games or watching videos. These are absolutely perfect for cash conscious computer users who use their computers for productivity. I have a feeling I'm going to be buying more of these for the firm once our current suite of desktops starts needing to be replaced.

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